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Message From The President ...

Performance Appraisals:

If you receive a needs improvement rating, read the following rules from the collective agreement.

When you contest an appraisal, verify if the Corporation has respected part 5 of letter 1.


In the application of the appraisal process, employees experiencing difficulties meeting their objectives (goals) or who are heading in the direction of receiving a "Needs Improvement" rating on their performance appraisal, must be notified in the quarter in which their performance is deemed to be "Needs Improvement" and have a quarterly review completed in writing by the end of the month following that quarter except in the case of the end of the fiscal year, when the employee must be notified by February 28th. In the event that a quarterly review is not completed in accordance with this paragraph, the employee's performance for that relevant quarter shall be deemed "Commendable".

For the first part:

You must  have  been notified in the quarter.  This means before the end of March for the first quarter, before the end of June for the second quarter, before the end of September for the third quarter and before the end of December for the fourth quarter.  For example; on February 14 my manager met me and advised me that my rating is a needs improvement but did not notify me between September and December I shall then be deemed commendable for that relevant quarter.  This example is good for each quarter.

For the second part:
You need to be notified in writing before the end of the month following the quarter (April, July, October and January).  For example; it's November 2nd and I did not have a quarterly review in writing for the third quarter,  I shall be deemed commendable for this quarter. This example is good for each quarter.  February 28th is the date where you must have received your year end result in writing.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Branch.




The Victoria hosted APOC National Convention 2013 was a huge success!  This hosting was a first for Victoria and delegates attending from all over the country were suitably impressed.  Quebec City will host the next National Convention in 2016.  Many delegates including Quebec commented on how Victoria had “raised the bar” for future conventions.  To all those who assisted,  sincerest thanks from the Victoria Branch Executive.  You made a difference!

To modify a Shakespeare Quote:   

"To Grieve or not to Grieve, that is the question" 

As holders and members of a Collective Agreement, we may sometimes find ourselves in a conflict of opinion over the application of the Collective Agreement with our employer, Canada Post Corporation. 

In our C.A., the first step is a formal complaint designed hopefully to end the matter there and resolve the issue.  This does not always happen, and a Grievance may become necessary.  Other than matters of policy to the C.A., grievances are not filed automatically unless the member is willing to file a complaint.  This is one of the things that make us different from some of the other Bargaining Groups at Canada Post. 

A Grievance requires that we as the Branch investigate the facts for presentation at the hearing with the Corporation or an eventual Arbitration.  This will include, but not be limited to:  dates, times, article(s) violated etc. as well in some cases a statement by the member.  Hearsay will not cut it.  We will get nowhere with the Corporation if we are not prepared. 

The Grievance process is not to be feared.  You are not causing trouble, rocking the boat, or making any personal evaluations of Management.  It is simply a process whereby to ensure application of our Collective Agreement if all else fails.  Watching the changes taking place in the Corporation presently leads one to speculate that our work lives could be a whole lot different if we did not have a Collective Agreement.  That is why adherence to the C.A. is so important to all of our members right across the country.  What happens in one location could easily impact members in another.  The Branch has the tools to investigate.  Please avail yourself of this option should you feel it is necessary.

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